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Welgelegen has been receiving a lot of questions from the trade as to how we are responding to the severe water crisis in Cape Town. We are doing everything in our power to ensure an uninterrupted water supply for our guests.

Here are some questions and answers in terms of our efforts:

1. Has Welgelegen reduced their water usage in line with the City of Cape Town’s recommendations?

a. Welgelegen has reduced its water usage by around 45% from the corresponding period in 2015 and 2016.

2. Do you have an independent supply of water for your property?

a. Welgelegen provides complimentary still mineral water to its guests for drinking.

b. Welgelegen does not have an independent supply of water to the property at present. We are however in the process of acquiring a borehole to ensure our own independent water supply.

c. We are also investigating collaborating with the school adjoining our property who already have a borehole in place to ensure an uninterrupted water supply.

d. We have an arrangement in place with a licenced independent water supplier, should we need to truck water in to fill up the JoJo water tanksthat have been installed on the property.

e. Currently, Welgelegen’s JoJo tanks are setup to collect rain water, should there be any, this is used to water the gardens and or top up the swimming pool.

f. Welgelegen is in the process of acquiring additional water storage capacity to provide our needs

3. Are there any significant water restrictions on guests currently or anticipated?

a. We will continue to implement current restrictions in place, including allowing short showers only and requesting guests to flush toilets only when absolutely necessary

4. Do we have a swimming pool and is it still active? Do we plan to de-activate it?

a. Welgelegen has a small plunge pool and it is still active. We will keep the pool active for as long as it is feasible, however supplying water to our bathrooms, kitchen and for cleaning will take priority over keeping the pool active.

5. For bathrooms that contain bathtubs, what is our process regarding the use of these?

a. If you are visiting Welgelegen, we ask that you please shower instead. All bath plugs have been removed, and we are very strict about not giving plugs to guests.

6. What is your water crisis response / strategy?

a. We no longer allow guests to take baths at Welgelegen.
If you are visiting Welgelegen, we ask that you please shower instead. All bath plugs have been removed, and we are very strict about not giving plugs to guests.

b. We no longer offer a laundry service at Welgelegen.
There are laundromats with special water saving machines in the area that can assist with your washing. Please speak to one of our managers should require assistance.

c. We have installed water regulators on all taps and showerheads limiting water flow to a maximum of five litres per minute.

d. We have installed three water tanks to collect and re-use run-off water.

In the event that we do have some rain, Welgelegen will be collecting it to fill the swimming pool and water the gardens. If there is no rain, we will be doing neither.

e. We offer paper napkins at breakfast instead of linen and we ask guests to re-use towels to reduce the amount of laundry.

f. All our linen is washed off premises at a laundry facility that uses water saving washing machines. They are certified by EcoLab.

g. We supply bottled drinking water in all rooms.

7 . Check out our blog here.

RETURNAfrica Welgelegen is continually striving to ensure best water practice. We will be sending out updates as and when developments arise.

Please feel to get in touch with either Samantha Dalais sam@returnafrica.com  011 646 1391 or Karen Poole karen@welgelegen.co.za  021 426 2373   for further information.

RETURNAfrica’s head office telephone lines are down.

Please contact us on 076 914 7133. We are working to have our lines up and running as soon as possible.

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