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The Incidental Tourist travelled to the Kruger National Park’s Northern Makuleke Concession, visiting Pafuri Camp before doing the four day Pafuri Walking Trail which brought the wonders of the bush, the details and life that it holds to the fore.

The Incidental Tourist recently spent five days in Pafuri, in the private 26,500 ha Makuleke Concession in the very remote and Northern part of the Kruger National Park where South Africa meets Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Here, by invitation of RETURNAfrica, Dawn was invited to experience the Pafuri Walking Trails.

Here is a wrap up of The Incidental Tourist’s¬†time in a short video.

A bit more about The Incidental Tourist:The Personal Travel Blog of a Conscious Traveller with a deep love for Africa, its people and the environment with narratives, stories and photographs from around the globe.

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