The City of Cape Town has launched a disaster plan in response to the serious drought currently afflicting the Western Cape. The first phase of the plan means water rationing across Cape Town to forcibly lower water usage.

When the drought struck we began thinking about ways in which we could reduce water usage at Welgelegen Guest House. Winter came and went with none of the rain we had hoped for, bringing the water-crisis into stark focus for us. At Welgelegen, we understand very well that our livelihoods depend on water. We have implemented our own measures to reduce water usage. We urge everyone visiting Cape Town and our boutique Guest House to also accept their role in using water responsibly.

How Welgelegen Boutique Guest House is coping with the Cape Town water crisis:

  1. We no longer allow guests to take baths at Welgelegen.
    If you are visiting Welgelegen, we ask that you please shower instead. All bath plugs have been removed, and we are very strict about not giving plugs to guests.
  2. We no longer offer a laundry service at Welgelegen.
    There are laundromats with special water saving machines in the area that can assist with your washing. Please speak to one of our managers should require assistance.
  3. We have installed water regulators on all taps and showerheads limiting water flow to a maximum of five litres per minute.
  4. We have installed three water tanks to collect and re-use run-off water.
    In the event that we do have some rain, Welgelegen will be collecting it to fill the swimming pool and water the gardens. If there is no rain, we will be doing neither.
  5. We offer paper napkins at breakfast instead of linen and we ask guests to re-use towels to reduce the amount of laundry.
  6. All our linen is washed off premises at a laundry facility that uses water saving washing machines.
  7. We supply bottled drinking water in all rooms.

Water may be cut off for limited periods in certain areas while the drought persists, and Welgelegen may be affected. We ask your understanding and urge you to use water responsibly, wisely and, above all, sparingly.

Please take a look the Cape Town Government website on “Think Water”.