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An opportunity to improve your mental wellbeing and brain health by combining neuroscience and the restorative power of nature and art. Join Dr Kirti Ranchod as she guides you on a journey designed to help bring joy, balance, and beauty into everyday life.

Nature & Nurture

The retreat will allow you to attain a sense of calm, enveloped in exquisite landscapes and the extraordinary natural diversity of Pafuri. The programme will encourage self-reflection and personal growth, inspired by the beauty that surrounds you, by ancient baobabs, herds of elephant and star-filled nights.

Personal Wellbeing Strategy

Build a personalised set of strategies tailored to your needs. Understand your motivations and learn how to apply these tools in your daily life for ongoing benefits beyond the duration of the retreat.

Community Connection

Create meaningful relationships with others who are also focused on their wellbeing. These connections will provide support and motivation on your journey to a healthier life.

Proven Methods

Benefit from an approach to wellbeing that integrates nature, art, mindfulness, neuroscience and cultural practises. You will participate in creative exercises led by Dr. Kirti that are accessible to everyone, regardless of artistic background. Her evidence-based methods will help improve your mental clarity and emotional strength.

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    Pafuri Camp

    Visiting Pafuri Camp is an invitation to embark on a profound spiritual journey, where the ancient rhythms of nature resonate with your soul. Nestled in the northernmost reaches of South Africa’s Kruger National Park, Pafuri is a sanctuary of tranquility and renewal. Here, the lush floodplains, mystical fever tree forests, and sacred Makuleke Contractual Park are more than just breathtaking landscapes; they are hallowed grounds where centuries of indigenous heritage and untamed wildness converge. Amidst the symphony of bird calls and the whispering winds through ancient baobabs, you will find a deep, spiritual connection to the Earth and its timeless stories. Pafuri Camp offers a rare opportunity to meditate under star-studded skies, walk in the footsteps of ancestors, and reconnect with the primal essence of life, fostering a sense of inner peace and rejuvenation that is both profound and enduring.

    Who is Dr Kirti Ranchod

    Dr. Kirti Ranchod, a neurologist and founder of Memorability, is dedicated to making brain health tools accessible and effective. She co-founded and chairs the African Brain Health Network and is a Global Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health. With extensive experience in medicine and neurology, she has served on the board of Alzheimer’s South Africa. Dr. Kirti offers courses, masterclasses, and consulting to optimise brain performance through neuroscience and brain skills training. She emphasises cultural capital in brain health and has led workshops with various organisations. Featured in numerous media outlets, her publications cover topics like sleep, chronic stress, and dementia. Dr. Kirti also hosts regular mental wellness walkabouts and a webinar series, and co-organised a Pan-African brain health convening.


    Dr. Kirti Ranchod

    What you will gain

    Valuable insights and practical skills to enhance your brain function and mental health. A personalised strategy for long-term wellbeing.

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