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Ezaya Chauke wrapping up some incredible sightings in and around Pafuri Camp.

Up in the north of the Kruger National Park, the rainy season continues. Off to a slow start, our lowest rainfall was recorded at 3mm and the highest rainfall recorded at 65mm. The total rain received in January was 197mm. The concessions waterholes and pans are filled with water and Pafuri is teeming with life. I have been visiting Pafuri since I was a child as this is where my grandparents were born, I now live and work at Pafuri Camp, and never have I known the grass to grow so tall!

RETURNAfrica Guide -Ezaya ChaukeEzaya Chauke

We have had great sightings in the new year and the Luvuvhu and Limpopo flood plains are extremely popular for large herds of buffalo that also visit the camp along the Luvuvhu. The largest sighting of buffalo seen so far this year was a big breeding herd of about 200 buffalo’s due to the good grazing that the rain has brought.

Luvuvu River Gorge View

At the moment elephants in Pafuri are not as active as they are in the dry season. We generally have larger herds visit Makuleke in the winter as the Luvuvhu flows all year round. Many elephants that have been in Pafuri over the drought period came from the south of the Kruger and Zimbabwe. Although some of the larger herds have migrated south, we do still see smaller breeding herds and bulls traversing through the camp and expect the numbers to increase again this coming winter.

Pafuri Elephant Sighting

We are thrilled to let everyone know that since December, two lions, a male and female, have been visiting us at Pafuri Camp. We have tracked them patrolling from Nwazwitsobe pan, down towards our camp and then on to Nwambi. They can often be heard roaring at night.

Pafuri Lion

Many leopards have been spotted around the north of the Kruger National Park in the Makuleke Concession between rhino boma, Pafuri main, Nwazwithome pan, Luvuvhu west and Maqeba.

Our guides have also had an amazing sighting of a honey badger on Pafuri main road, 3 hippos at the front of the lodge, a beautiful visit from the pelicans at rhino boma, an African wild cat, a jennet cat, a white tailed mongoose and an aardvark have been seen close to camp.

Witnessing a zebra give birth, south of Nwambi pan, with the trumpeting of elephants in the background and a curious breeding herd of buffalo’s close by was a beautiful impression. The herd of Zebra, a little perturbed by the herd of buffalo, started to encircle the mother and baby to protect them from any danger that may have come their way.

Nature truly is amazing, and this is why I love what I do!

Pafuri Zebra Herd

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Author: Ezaya ChaukePhoto credits:Feature image, photo 2, 3 & 5 – Morgan TrimblePhoto 1 – Libby EdwardsPhoto 4 – Simon Stobbs

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