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RETURNAfrica Pafuri guides sighting report 1 June 2016

Trails season got off to an amazing start! The weather in Pafuri at the moment is amazing, with warm hot sunny days and getting cooler at night to relax in the evenings around a warm fire.

Both Pafuri and Hutwini trail camps have been very active with many elephant and buffalo sighting, herds and bulls, both out and about on the concession as well as coming into the camp. Sitting around the fire having a drink and having a dagga boy grazing 10m away is pretty special! As winter comes along and the bush gets drier, the Luvuvhu becomes a great spot for game, so having two trails camps and the lodge right on the river, you often don’t have to venture far to have great elephant and buffalo sightings.

Elephant at Pafuri

One trail Mike and Biff were having morning coffee and heard some Nyala barking, they went to investigate and saw two leopards jump out of a tree just behind trails camp, while they were watching the leopards run off, they saw a hyena running towards them! Unbelievable luck!

The sounds in the evenings from camp are great, we have been hearing the lion call close to camp, and although he hasn’t been seen by our trails guests, Ezaya saw a male lion and a female just on the southern side of the river, so hopefully she comes across to Makuleke. We have also been hearing lots of hyena and owls in camp.

Leopard at Pafuri

The last trail that Mike and Sarah did, they heard a strange sound in the tree, so went to investigate. It was ground hornbills that had been calling all morning, they flew off and as we looked up, there was a Pel’s fishing owl right in the open, great way for guests to wake up!

Main camp is also delivering on the game front. Herds of buffalo and elephant are often seen by the river and Nyala are always around camp, even a few tiny babies with umbilical cords still attached. Pel’s fishing owl is also often seen right in front of the bar!

Pel's Fishing Owl

Other special sightings have been bushpig on a walk, a crocodile with a porcupine quill sticking into its mouth, Biff climbed a koppie for sundowners with guests and managed to see two rhino walking beneath them, great birds! Crowned eagles, racket tailed rollers, we have found a Bohms Spinetail nest on luvuhu east, I even saw a Secretary bird for the first time in 5 years on Rhino boma a few weeks ago! There has also been a fair bit of snake activity around, I saw a puff adder in trails camp last trail and we see many tracks around the road.

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