Northern Kruger Pafuri Birdlife

An insight into the bird life in Pafuri by Godfrey Baloyi.

Pafuri is known as the birding hotspot. The area is only 26 000 hectares, but has got between 350-400 bird species. In summer, we see lots of migrants coming in, including those special ones.

This season, although we had rain late in December, there were many birds in the area. The summer specials included: Thick-billed Cuckoo’s, Carmine Bee-eaters, Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters, Olive- Tree Warblers, River Warblers, Thrush Nightingale’s, Pennant-winged Nightjars, African and Eurasian Golden Oriole’s, Grey-headed Kingfishers, Green Sandpipers, Striped Crake’s, Allen’s Gallinule’s, and Dwarf Bitterns, just to mention a few,

Northern Kruger Pafuri Birds

The all year-round specials included: Pel’s Fishing Owls, Gorgeous Bush-Shrike’s, Arnott’s Chats, Lemon breasted Canarys, Grey-headed Parrots, Three-banded Coursers, Verreaux’s Eagles, Tropical Boubous, Meve’s Starlings, Racket-tailed Rollers, and many more

Northern Kruger Pafuri Bird

Just come to Pafuri and see all of these amazing birds. The best part is that not only our guides can show you these specials, but our staff as well. Our local Barman, Andile Mabunda, spots the Pel’s Fishing Owl almost everyday along the river just, in front of the main deck. He definitely has an eagle eye.

Northern Kruger Pel’s Fishing Owl

The River Warbler is still calling around the camp, but he will be leaving us soon. Most of the migratory are not vocalising as much, as they are preparing for the long journey. Some of them travel for more than 11000 kilometres. The migratory birds need to eat a lot to build lots of fat in order to have more energy. This will keep them going on the journey home.

Lastly, the Woodland Kingfisher is still around and should leave at the beginning of April.

Pafuri is rocking with birds just come and get spoiled.

Coo……….l bananas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by: Godfrey Baloyi

Photo credits:

Feature photo: Gabriele Birkenmayer

Photo 1: Olivia Dummer

Photo 2: Simon Stobbs

Photo 3: Simon Stobbs

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