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Well well. Here we are. A week into 2018 newest of the new years! We can’t quite believe it. But then again, we say that every time it happens. Time whips by with a cosmic flash and then we reflect on the year passed and start writing down a higher digit at the end of the date. We also think a bit differently for a while. About goals and change and weight and success. But this mostly fizzles out by the time summer starts to fade, and soon we’re up to our chins in whatever it was that we’d managed to briefly climb out of.

So, that’s predictable. But what makes it so predictable? Premonition? No, it’s because its history. It’s happened, many times. It’s also the only reason why we can sit and map it’s course. The course that we will be steering. Now if we take a step back and have a look at this figurative journey and vessel we have here, it seems a bit silly that the captain of the ship leaves the harbour in search for new and prosperous land, ends up steering into rough and rocky water almost immediately, abandons ship and swims back to shore. Then does it all again next year, without correction or adaptation. It’s sounds a bit like a depressing children’s book without any insightful themes and no ending. I don’t think it would be very popular.

But it’s not about children’s books or boats (unless that’s your thing), it’s about grabbing control and using the considerable ability that you have at your disposal with mind and body, and using it to take you where you want to go, wherever that may be. Last year was tough. This year will be too, but it will also be weird and wonderful and full of love, light and endless opportunity. And hey, maybe out at sea isn’t where you’re supposed to be. Either way, today is your day, and oh, the places you’ll go!


Dr. Seuss

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