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RETURN Africa invites adventurers to experience the pristine wilderness of northern Kruger National Park on foot with the opening of its Pafuri Walking Safaris from April through October 2024. Offering a truly remote and secluded safari experience within RETURN Africa’s 23,500-hectare private concession the two intimate walking camps, Hutwini and Nkula, each host just 8 guests in 4 spacious tented rooms, each equipped with a bathroom and outside shower.

“Walking safaris allow you to connect with the landscape on a deeper level,” explained Harald van Lennep, Chief Operating Officer at RETURN Africa. “On foot, you can appreciate the subtleties of the bush, from patterns in the sand to the calls of birds overhead, in a way you simply can’t from a vehicle.”

The refurbished Hutwini camp features brand new tents with a large and beautifully furnished “mess” tent. Both camps are solar-powered and WiFi-free, allowing guests to unplug and immerse themselves fully in nature. Each walk is led by two qualified field guides who will reveal the secrets of the flora, fauna, and ever shifting landscapes of this extraordinary RAMSAR-designated area.

Van Lennep added, “The Pafuri region is blessed with exceptional beauty and biodiversity. Its low road density and limited beds make it one of the most rewarding and accessible walking safari destinations in Africa. We are honoured to be custodians of this pristine environment and to share its restorative spirituality with our guests through these intimate walking safaris. Many of our repeat visitors count their time in Pafuri amongst their most cherished safari memories.”