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Imagine saying ‘I Do’ in a remote forest, with birds chirping in approval. You may have a curious vervet or two who did not make the rsvp list but who watch from a respectable distance. The question to ask: what would make you choose the middle of the bush to have your destination wedding? The answer is simple…you’re setting out on the best adventure of your life so why not choose somewhere that has magical sunsets, unspoilt landscapes, and remarkable wildlife to start your journey?

Image courtesy of the Tash & David wedding

Image courtesy of the Fordyce wedding

Pafuri transcends the ordinary, offering a haven for those looking for a unique, romantic, tranquil, and unforgettable wedding experience with the obvious exclusivity factor added in.

Pafuri’s biodiversity and natural wonders from the iconic fever tree and ana tree forests, to its majestic baobab trees, and landscape that unfolds as a breathtaking symphony, provides the perfect backdrop for your celebration. Pafuri guides ensure that you and your guests experience the true wonders of this magical place while creating cherished memories.

You can have exclusive use of all of our camps in Pafuri accommodating up to 80 guests – giving you a fully private wedding experience with all your loved ones close by.

There are few comparisons to the warmth of a Makuleke welcome where you’re invited to Pafuri as a member of the family. You will meet the wedding planning team who will orient you and hold your hand throughout your stay. While this happens, your arriving guests will have the opportunity to experience Pafuri’s hidden treasures like Crook’s Corner, Lanner Gorge, and the various forests Pafuri has to offer.

Image courtesy of the Fordyce wedding

Pafuri Camp is fully equipped to organise and coordinate your wedding with flexibility in mind. The kitchen team presents a diverse menu, allowing you and your guests to choose a la carte options.

With Pafuri as your wedding partner, we ensure that your special day is perfect. Reach out to us at RETURN Africa today to commence the enchanting journey of planning your dream bush wedding in an untamed and biodiverse setting found nowhere else in Africa!

Enquire about your dream Pafuri wedding today!

Image courtesy of the Han wedding

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