RETURNAfrica works in partnership with local communities to create meaningful and sustainable benefits. We provide employment, training and skills development for our employees and members of the community who wish to make a career with us. Through the success of our business we make direct financial contributions to community led organisations that support projects which provide opportunities for community members, or respond to a range of pressing needs.

Fair trade and sustainability are at the heart of our brand. Together with our partners, we’re taking responsible tourism to new heights – where our business is the driving force behind local community advancement.

From solar power to water usage, we build our initiatives on sustainability. Locally-sourced products, eco-friendly amenities and skills development all play their part in nurturing the environment and improving lives. Our projects are carefully selected and responsibly governed. Visit us and you will experience first-hand our ethos of making local partnerships work for conservation and development. 

If you’d like to make a donation to the Makuleke community or one of our Western Cape partners, please get in touch.

Want to make a donation to the Makuleke Community Kruger or Uthando SA in Cape Town?

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