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Pafuri Walking Trail. Image by Simon Stobbs

Recently established travel company, RETURNAfrica, has embarked on an exciting journey in partnership with local communities to manage and promote a collection of top-quality experiences across southern Africa.

For Peter John Massyn and his team at RETURNAfrica, 2015 promises to be a very exciting year. The new company sets itself apart in the tourism and hospitality industry as every property or experience has strong links to local communities.

‘Community is at the heart of what we do – and it is essential that benefits of tourism filter down to the local people, and create real benefits ’ says Massyn, Managing Director of RETURNAfrica.

Managing the African Safari Foundation (ASF) for over 15 years has given Massyn first-hand experience of why community-tourism products and entities fail, and he hopes RETURNAfrica will offer a fresh approach to the marketplace.

RETURNAfrica is starting off with properties in Namibia and Mozambique, with its flagship being in the Pafuri region of the Kruger National Park. ‘We recently acquired various Pafuri-related tourism experiences from Wilderness Safaris, and we are extremely passionate about taking Pafuri to a new level,’ says Massyn.

The rebuilding of the much-loved Pafuri Camp, which was ravaged by the Limpopo floods of 2013, is progressing well and Massyn is confident about the way forward. The well-known Pafuri Walking Trails experience is steadily being booked out for the 2015 season, which starts in April. In July, RETURNAfrica will also be launching Malateni Bush House as an option for families and groups.

RETURNAfrica has its sights on other community-owned products and experiences around iconic destinations in Southern Africa.

So why the name, RETURNAfrica? ‘It’s all about giving back, to the land, to the people, to the wildlife  – and it’s also about giving back to ourselves by spending time in nature and restoring dignity to the people who own the land.’

Watch this space.

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