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Elephant Sighting at Pafuri Camp

10 inspiring photographs from Pafuri in the northern Kruger National Park.Featured image: Simon Smith

1)  Pafuri Nights – Rob Smith.

Pafuri in the northern part of the Kruger National Park is not as busy with visitors as the central and southern regions mostly because of the perception that animal densities are lower there. It does, however, have mountains, fever tree forests, some of the largest baobab trees and very dark night skies. This photo was taken on a moonless night and it took great courage from two rangers to guide the photographer into the bush to appreciate the starry night sky and milky way. The three of us held our nerve for the 30 minutes it took to take this photo. It was a unique and surreal experience.

2) Evening Sundowners at the fire pit – Dook

Enjoying some sundowners at the Pafuri Camp fire pit whilst watching the Pafuri wildlife coming to drink at the Luvuvhu river.

3) The Makuleke people – Joep Stevens

This photograph was taken on the cross-boarder trail it shows how the local communities work with one another in conservation.

4) View of Baobab Hill Bush House – Dook.

A great view of Baobab Hill bush House taken from Baobab Hill.

5) Elusive Pafuri Leopards Howard Starkey.

Taken on Pafuri west, this male leopard was aggressively defending his kill. We were able to capture this aggression using a shallow depth of field through the bush.

6) Lanner gorgeous – Dook

Enjoying the magnificent view of Lanner Gorge.

7) Game Vehicle in the Fever Trees – Romy Antrobus-Wuth.

I love this photo as it really captures the yellow, orange and lime colours the fever trees “glow” at dusk and dawn! The vehicle also gives you a sense of scale- the trees are huge! This photo was taken near Mapimbi Pan, on the banks of the Limpopo River.

8) Picture Perfect Pafuri Camp – Dook

Waking up to coffee and the magical sounds of the bush.

9) Pafuri Boababs – Poppet Mockford.

Sunset with Baobabs, Pafuri.

10) Swim time – Dook.

Enjoying the hot summer sun by the pool.

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