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If you didn’t already know, RETURNAfrica’s Pafuri Camp is a leading example of ethical, environmentally-friendly wildlife travel. Alongside nurturing the biodiversity and myriad of habitats and landscapes, a top priority is supporting the well-being of the local Makuleke community through best-practice, genuine partnership.

Nestled in the Northern Kruger National Park and smack bang in the centre of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, the impressive, add-to-your-bucket-list Pafuri Camp you visit today has a profound and moving history. While the Pafuri landscape and early human history is ancient — almost 250- and 1,5-million years old respectively — it is the most recent history, with a Landmark Restitution in 1998, that tells a remarkable story. You’ll read about it in your welcome booklet upon arrival: “The Makulekes regained ownership of the land but decided to keep it within the Kruger National Park and to use it for the benefit of the people and the wildlife it sustains. As part of the agreement, we pay a concession fee for the use of their land. We also share profit, create jobs, transfer skills, support local entrepreneurs and invest in community development projects. In return, we are able to operate in this ancient, diverse and magnificent place, and to share it with our guests.”

Pafuri Camp Friendly Staff

With this eco-tourism and history in mind, taking a well-deserved break at this lush and remote bushveld camp is not only a luxurious adventure, it’s a holiday that is good for your conscience and soul. From solar power to locally-sourced products, fair trade runs through the veins of this camp. The sustainable activities on offer are delightful too. Whether it’s your first time to the Makuleke Concession or you’re on a return trip to this iconic part of the world, there is something to look forward to for everyone:

Pafuri Camp Outdoor Patio

Pafuri Camp – The birder’s paradise speaks for itself. Pafuri Walking Trails – These can either be for a handful of quiet hours or, for the brave, can lead to a cozy trails camp where you can indulge in a comfy overnight snooze.  Pafuri Cycling Tours – If you want an adrenaline-based, somewhat unprecedented bush experience, this is the way to do it. Remember to book long in advance — you don’t want to miss out. Baobab Hill House. Secluded and self-catering, this family-friendly, enclosed house on a hill — with a private game-viewing vehicle and skilled guide as part of the package — is the ultimate treat.

Pafuri Camp Luxury Tents

As you’ll read on the website, these responsible socio-cultural initiatives constitute some of the more ambitious conservation projects around the globe today. RETURNAfrica Pafuri Camp’s eco-tourism stands for meaningful, integrated support of the Makulele people, who in turn support the camp. It also stands for treasuring and tending to a wilderness that is truly unique.

If this doesn’t incentivise you to go, I don’t know what will.

Pafuri Camp Sunset

Written by Jess Sara Wright

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